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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Asking: "Why Doesn't My Website Drive Sales?"

To that end, is your website an asset or liability? Many designers believe that the answer to that questions lies in graphics and eye-pleasing aesthetics. The common belief has now become "The more beautiful my site looks, the higher chance it has of converting readers into customers". If that were true, we'd have a lot of successful websites.

At GrowthLightning, we hold a very different belief. We believe that the focus of a website should be on conversion and profitability before design. When a website with a high conversion rate is the focal point, visitors from any advertising source has a high percentage to turn into an interested prospect. Our products: RainCraft CMS, Typhoon System and Aurora 360 are crafted from this belief, each meticulously researched, crafted and tested to ensure success.

If you're sick of paying loads of money to web designers who solely focus on making a "beautiful" website, a coffee with us is everything you need.


Now You Can Have Solutions For Your Problems
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    AURORA 360™

    What Other Companies Can't Offer You
    Aurora 360™ is the resource planning software that you never knew you needed. Packed with a wide range of modules for your business, it is as powerful as it is easy to use. Versatile and efficient, it is the key to every successful business.
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    The Secret To Successful Marketing
    The Typhoon System™ comprises of our secret to a successful website. Each website we design comes built in with our revolutionary marketing system, making sure that your website is already a step ahead of the rest.
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    The manufacturing industry is shifting, how well prepared are you?
    Aurora MRP™ is the next big thing for the manufacturing industry. With a combination of manufacturing resourcing planning and machine efficiency, this is the future of the manufacturing industry.    
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    The complete Point-Of-Sale package
    Aurora POS™ is available in 2 versions: FnB and Retail. Both come complete with inventory management, reporting and customer loyalty modules for a complete package. It is everything that you need to run a business, be it a restaurant or a store.
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    We have a great selection of services available!
    More than just an IT company, we have a wide range of complementary services as well such as Photography, Copywriting and more. So rest free when you work with us, we will be able to service your every need.  
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We can provide you the complete IT package that you need to run your business with our combination of Raincraft CMS, Typhoon System and Aurora 360.
We've seen our fair share of mediocre solutions being sold at exorbitant prices and we're sick of it. That's why we ensure that our prices are more than affordable so everyone can enjoy the benefits of technology.
All the services that we provide are done completely by our in-house experts. This means that the solution to your problem is always available.
It took us 6 years to fully develop the technology that we'll be implementing on your website and we can assure you that it's very advanced. From Raincraft to the Typhoon System, each has been crafted expertly to solve a problem that you are facing.
We work around the clock to constantly improve our systems, techniques and layouts so that your website is always one step ahead of its time.
We are a very dedicated team. We developed next-gen products like Raincraft, the Typhoon System and Aurora 360 so that we can provide top of the line IT solutions to everyone.
  • Website Development
  • Marketing System Design - Typhoon System
  • Business Systems & Solutions Development
  • Mobile App Development, iOS & Android
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
  • Social Media Management - Campaigns & Ads
  • Advertising Cost Structure Design
  • Consumers Behaviors Research via Data Mining
  • Conversion Tweaking and Spilt Test
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