10 Awesome Tips for Killer Web Design

1. Speed Is Everything

Before you even think about design, the 1st thing that makes an impression in people is your website's load speed. Think about it,  when was the last time you enjoyed slow internet?  So make sure you crunch your images, reduce the amount of data that needs to be loaded and don't overload on animations. 

People don't notice speed till its absent, so make sure to speed up your site so that your readers will stay longer.

2. Focus Your User's Attention

Try to imagine, what catches your attention the easiest? In an age where websites are able to feature static and dynamic content, there are many ways to attract your user's attention. 

The human eye is adept and built to capture focus points, especially edges, patterns and motions. So, adopt that principle in mind when you're doing your web design so that you can shift your user's attention to the more crucial areas.

3. Patience Is Limited

Although we love to preach patience as a virtue, the sad fact is that we are all impatient people. The less actions it takes for a user to try out a service, the more likely a user will try it out. People are generally willing to play with a service, not registering accounts or subscribing to emails. 

So make sure it is easy for any reader or user to try out what you're offering before pushing for their emails and information. Statistics show that 87% of users only give up their email after spending at least 3 minutes on a website.

4. Respect The White Space

Most of us haven't even heard of white space, what IS white space? Generally, when a user approaches a new website, they tend to break down your page in "chunks" of their brain to process information easily. White space is the "border" that helps that process.

Do not be afraid of white space, it is always better to have more of it than less. It helps reduce the cognitive load of your readers, resulting in a longer stay and shorter bounce rate.

5. Strive for Simplicity

There is a principle that we always recommend our clients to follow and that's the Keep-It-Simple (KIS) principle. Users are normally on a website to look for information, not awe over the design. Thus, it becomes more important to keep all focus on making the information readily available to the user in the simplest manner. 

Strive for simplicity rather than complexity, focus on making the content the main point rather than flying circles and hovering unicorns. This has long been GrowthLightning's core principle, check here for examples.

6. Great Navigation is Key

Great navigation means that your website is structured so well that users are guided to the information that you want to push to them. How does that happen? By treating your users like a blind man. A blind man's most important tool is his crutch and that is what your website navigation should be like, a crutch leading him from Point A to Point B and so forth. 

Don't expect your user to have the patience to try every link, function or button on your site because it isn't going to happen. Great websites funnel their users to a specific point of interest.

7. Color Scheme Means A Lot

There is no general rule to design, after all everyone has different tastes. But statistics have shown that colour schemes with mild colours tend to have a lower bounce rate. This applies to the background (light blue and beige work well), link buttons, header and other design elements. 

One key principle here is that your colours must never overpower your text. The text should always be black because the focus should be squarely on them. You can also do a reversed-text style. Generally, hyperlinks should be blue and make sure to avoid all sharp colours such as red, yellow and orange for texts at all costs.

8. Fonts Too Are Crucial

On that note, one must never forget the spine of a website, the fonts. We've preached content and speed but you won't get readers staying around to read that content if your fonts look horrible. Seriously, don't Comic Sans your website, you'll end up looking like a comic yourself.

You have a great selection of fonts that have proven themselves to be mainstayers and attention-grabbers. Fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman and Verdana are fonts with incredible attraction and it's worth more than one look.

9. Innovate Only When Really Necessary

Conventions are a funny thing. We're always trying to introduce something "new" or trying to differentiate ourselves from the competition. But when it comes to website design, you will realise that conventions are incredibly useful. You see, we tend to get used to basic principles of what we come to expect from a website, even down to the navigations and page types.

This eases the learning curves on all your new readers, because coming in and knowing what to do speeds up the "trying out" process significantly. Follow user's expectations and you'll find your site ever more popular.

10. Test Quickly, Test Often

"Rome was not built in a day". That rule applies to website design as well. Every industry has a different set of audiences with different expectations and tastes so it's always good to test which one connects most with your target audience.

Testing is an ever-going process, the only time you stop is when you quit your business, if not always treat everything on your site as a test and make sure to keep track of its results. The faster you understand your audience, the more successful you will be.

With the International 4 coming soon, stay tuned next as we touch on the lessons we feel entrepreneurs can learn from Dota 2!
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