Over the years, the number of smartphone and tablet users have grown exponentially. Mobile apps have become an integral part of most businesses around the world. Some of the most successful businesses have used mobile apps to achieve several objectives from product enhancement to customer data collection. If you decide to create a mobile app, it is important to note what these apps can bring to your business.

1.  Disrupt an industry

It is important that you embrace the mobile age and prepare for the future. According to Wikipedia, disruptive innovation is ‘an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing an earlier technology.’ Mobile apps open new business dimensions because of the way they are used. For example, one of the most disruptive apps in the music industry is Spotify. For $9.99 per month, you can have access to your favorite music from your mobile device anytime anywhere and you don’t have to use up your phone’s storage. The streaming music service proved to be disruptive enough to emerge as a dangerous iTunes challenger.

2. Added channel for business

Over the years, mobile is quickly becoming the preferred e-commerce channel. There’s a growing trend towards self-service which most call centers are experiencing year on year 20-30% decrease in phone calls as customers are getting inquiries from other channels such as web and mobile. Because customers nowadays are much more demanding when it comes to service and they expect to be able to purchase stuff or change their preferences no matter what time it is or where they are. Your mobile app can help you understand the direction your business is taking and help you gain an edge over your competition as your business provides much more capability when it comes to understanding the customers.

3. Strengthen brand

Your brand strength is critical for your business’s success. Without a mobile app, you might appear outdated and distanced from the current technology trends. A mobile app helps your brand by enhancing the customer experience and without a mobile app, you might risk someone getting between you and your customer and risking your customer relationship. This gives your competitor to replace you in the ever growing business world. An example of a brand strengthened by its mobile app is Domino’s Pizza. Imagine its app being a pizza store in your pocket, you can use it to browse the menu, customize your pizza, place your order, select your delivery and payment method, and even track your punapharmacy.com order’s progress. Having a good mobile app creates customer loyalty and sure helps with the future prospects of your business.

4. Maximize revenue channels

If you invest in a quality mobile app, chances are you can directly monetize your app and maximize your business revenue channels. A few examples of apps being monetized is through in-app advertisements, attaching a price tag to the app or introducing paid features within the app. The main reason behind the strength of these apps is that it allows you to have one-on-one relationships with your customer and it eliminates inbound calls through customer self-service. Apps also provide an automated process which in turn reduces handling time and mistakes.

5. Compete on a global level

The most important part of your business is your customers. Make your presence felt by be where your customers are. Make your business location independent. You can’t distance yourself from your customers as most of them are avid smartphone and tablet users. One good way of targeting your customers is to include location tracking in your apps. Alert your customers about the latest deals and discounts available at the nearest store so that you can drive more action from them. With a comprehensive mobile app, it allows you and your customers to stay in touch with things wherever, whenever you all are.

6. Immediate feedback

Feedback for any business is very important. One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps is the volume of detailed customer data that you can gather through them. We live in an era where customers are literally ‘Kings’, and your mobile app can help you better understand the direction your business is taking. You can identify your most promising prospects such as their regions, demographics and needs. All this statistics can be used in enhancing your products and services, identifying new business opportunities, developing new and more improved products and most importantly understand your customers better to meet their needs effectively.

7. Repeated business for you

Imagine a customer who has done business with you. He liked your app, the service you can provide and wants to benefit from it again on his next purchase. In this case, your app plays a very big part in retaining your customer, being the very key reason your customers continue or even extend their business relationship with you. With a staggering 83% of smartphone users beginning their day by looking at their smartphones and using different apps, would it be more convenient for them to log in via the desktop browser, calling your customer care, sending you an email or just popping up your mobile app to contact you? With an intelligently designed mobile app you can take customer relations to the next level.


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