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Cyas Ng

Our Story


Have you ever had a problem you couldn’t solve? An itch that you’re just desperate to get rid of and one you’re willing to do anything to solve. Yes, we’re no different, we’ve been in one of those situations as well.

You often hear of entrepreneurs with million-dollar ideas they came up with over a beer or pint. Not us. Those college friends or family who starts business together? Not us either. We came together for one reason only, to provide legitimate and serious solutions to people’s problems.

Our vision is to help people achieve their ideas and solve problems by providing reliable IT development, advanced marketing systems & strategies and easy-to-use software and solutions. From development to marketing, hassle-free.

Drawing from years of experience and expertise, we deliver excellence so that you can do what you love doing. We integrate our design efforts and our marketing systems so that you get not just a website, but an opportunity to succeed.

Our team of obsessed developers and marketers work hard around the clock to constantly innovate and develop new technology, it’s a hard job but your satisfaction means everything to us!

When asked recently what Growth Lightning means to them, Kevin, a Growth Lightning client, really summed our story up. Growth Lightning is the place you turn to when all else has failed you. The place you look to when you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired of your problems.” We couldn’t agree more.