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20 Business Systems All In 1 Software
Throughout our 6 years of developing softwares and systems, we’ve come to realise a common point: they’re all very cluttered, complicated and generally very frustrating in its usage. To make things worse, business systems were never compatible with one another since each was built individually, forcing people to pay obscene amounts every time they needed a new one because not only did they did need to pay for development but also to cover the costs of making them compatible with one another. Well, we’ve figured out how to help overcome this crucial problem by focusing on two common problems: flexibility and compatibility.
Aurora 360 Is So Powerful It’s Almost Illegal
Aurora 360 is the birth child of our own problems. Like many businesses out there in the world, we’ve had our fair of efficiency problems and human errors due to manually managing many functions and portfolios. Imagine having a business systems that can help you manage data properly like your accounts, documentation or stock checks while reducing the level of human error, this translates into a lot of saved costs and cash. Aurora 360 gives you that freedom and flexibility by being both able to cater and adapt to every need and allowing multiple systems to be fully integrated with each other.
Thousands Have Benefited From Integrating Business Systems Into Their Companies
How Aurora 360 works is simple. It’s is a business system that contains a large amount of modules in one hub, meaning if you need both an accounting system and a multi-level marketing system for your business, Aurora 360 can be customised for both those needs and also make them fully integrated with each other. The best part is that each time you want a new business system added into your company, all we do is continue to build on the Aurora 360 platform for your company, integrating new systems with the old ones. With tons of business modules and integrated systems in one hub, Aurora 360 is the only business system you’ll ever need.

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Aurora 360's Modules

Flexibility On Any Platform Minimises Hassle
    Aurora 360’s accounting module is the heart of all its systems. By being able to be fully integrated into any other system such as Point-Of-Sales, Hotel Management, Human Resource, Payroll and many more, our accounting module is the quissential necessity for all our clients. It covers all the basic accounting necessities that every business has and is GST-compliant. Even better, it works on any platform and system, allowing your business to have full flexibility. By combining our accounting modules with any of our other modules, all data and information is shared between each other, eliminating the need to transfer the data between systems just to get each to function. Our accounting module is the benchmark for all future accounting softwares. Try it today and you’ll know why!
Point-Of-Sale, Both Retail and FnB
  • Aurora 360™”s POS comes in two versions, with both capable of covering anything that your shop or storefront needs. The retail version comes with a built-in inventory management system that allows you to manage your stock, discounts, membership cards and much more. The FnB version is the complete restaurant owners package. It’s menu management and ease-of-use makes running a restaurant a breeze. Combined with the other modules such as hotel management, accounting, human resource and payroll, you will be able to run a boutique hotel, posh restaurant and manage all your employees by yourself!
Solve All Your Problems With Our Built-In Modules
  • A business faces a multitude of problems every day that technology can now help solve. But even solutions have trouble working together. Aurora 360 defies that logic. Born as a flexible system that can be adapted to become any system a business needs, Aurora 360 is the one solution to solving all your problems. 
  • Aurora 360 comes integrated with business modules for systems such as  accounting, point-of-sale , asset management, human resource management, sales & inventory management, online backup, ticketing, travel booking, event registration and much more. 
  • With many systems and business modules already integrated, all it takes is for us to configure Aurora 360 to your needs, from then on you can consider your headaches gone. 
Increase Your Flexibility By Having Access All The Time
  • With the nature of Aurora 360 being web-based, you have full flexibility to manage your business operations under one roof and all within one system. We offer a secure solution to access all your information on the go. 
  • Even better, you can access all your data through any source or machine available. All you ever need is a secure internet connection


Is The Security Of Your Data Important To You?
  • Because it's very important to us. That's why we take a lot of time to ensure that your data is never leaked or tampered with at all costs.
  • Aurora 360 is an online solution that provides frequent routine backups, making sure that none of your information is ever lost. All backups are done over a secure connection without ever needing you to worry. 
  • At the end of the day, security and data protection is crucial to every business. We do not take this lightly or half-heartedly and will do all we can to ensure that your level of protection is at its best.
Increase Your Profits By Reducing Costs
  • Aurora 360 already has a lot of necessary functions and configurations built-in so you can bet that our prices are much lower than any other company out there. 
  • If your purpose of starting a business is to make profit and grow sustainably, then looking to reduce costs should be your number 1 priority
Business solutions need not be complicated. At GrowthLightning, our goal is keep all things simple, especially the ones you work with everyday.