The Secret To Building Profit Is Finally Revealed

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “Why Doesn’t My Website Drive Sales?”

Did you know a website can be either a great asset for a business or it can fail miserably and end up being a big hole in your pocket that devours cash?

What people don’t know is that the difference between those 2 lies solely in 1 aspect, the design of a website.

And no, we don’t mean how beautiful it is; we’re actually talking about the bigger picture.

You see, for any business or website to be successful, it has to constantly do marketing, people aren’t going to visit and buy stuff just because you have a “Welcome” sign on your doorstep.

Imagine your website as a “retail outlet”, no matter how good your products are, if no ones looking at it, you’ll never be able to sell it.



Retail outlets follow the tried, tested and successful 4P marketing principle to ensure that their layouts showcase their products and interest potential customers.

In web design, knowing how to arrange your “elements”, products, services and promotions can either make or break your company.

After all, a website can only be beautiful for 15 seconds, what happens after is what differentiates a good site from a great site.

If a website cannot generate profit, data or ROI for your company, sooner or later the expenses will begin to outweigh its use.

And that my fellow readers is what we mean by web design. In this article, we’ll be sharing how to build not just a beautiful site but more importantly a profitable one, all on a tight budget.


Profit That Lie In On-Page Design



On-Page Design is the designation of content and structure of a website. The basics of every website is almost always the same; every single one of them has a landing page and sales page.

In essence, great on-page design is crafting a bridge for visitors that come to your website from landing page to the sales page where you can then convert them into customers and prospects.

Here’s an article with great insights on how to optimise on-page design properly!

Announcing: High Conversion Landing Pages


A landing page is the page that visitors first land when they visit your website, this is what is normally associated with “first impressions”.

A visitor who reaches this point is normally “searching” for a solution to their problem and your goal is to give them a reason to browse your site.

The trick here is to provide “teasers” to their solution, casually described and pushed with hyperboles and synopsis, you want to interest these readers and capture their attention, not try to sell them a product yet.

Once they’re interested, a visitor will do 1 of 2 things:

Read your “About Us” page or go straight into your products and services.

So make sure you do your “About Us” page as best you can because it’ll be one of the first checklists that a potential customer will go for.



Right And Wrong Sales Page Methods – And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Profits

Now, to truly convert interested visitors into prospects,  your website has to have what we call “entry points” into your main sales pages.

An interested customer only has an attention span of 30 seconds tops, if they cannot find a way to get to their solution in that time frame, they’ll move on to another website.

A sale pages is a page that very accurately explains your product or service down to its most minute detail. This is your “hard sell” page where you give it your everything to push the product onto the customer.
touchOnce they have reached this point, you no longer have to worry about them being disinterested or taken aback by “over-promoting”. These people want a solution and you better be ready to prove that yours is the best one.

Great on-page design is essentially being able to lead your site visitors all the way from the landing page to the final sales page without losing them.

Remember this, these visitors came to the site for a reason and 90% of the time, that reason is the product or service you provide. That means these guys are very highly convertible and all you need to do is convince them.


The Secret To Increasing Your Profits – Off-Page Design


tour_9While on-page design focuses more on the internal design of a “retail outlet” like how to display your products, set up promotion areas and helping people find the pay design is a totally different beast.

In one word, off-page design is the design of your “marketing” efforts which covers newsletter structures, how to redirect your customers back to your website, your social media and SEO efforts and so on.


tour_1Marketing is the core value of every website and yet you’ll be surprised how many people actually do not realise this, choosing instead to focus on making sure that their website “looks” good without actually considering how to maximise conversion of the visitors that their advertising efforts bring in.



If you try asking the people around you how much they spend on ads and online marketing. the answer 87% of the time is 76% of the annual budget. That’s a staggering amount of money to spend on a website if it doesn’t bring in any profits.

Here’s an article on why every business needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to succeed.


Effective Marketing – Why Some Websites Make Money And Others Don’t

Features-SEOWell crafted off-page designs maximise the ability of your websites to retain and monetise existing customers.

The trick to this is to have an in-depth understanding of customer acquisition cost and realise that it is always easier to make money of your existing ones that pursue a new customer or client.

A website is meant to be more than just a branding tool or platform, it exists to become a “Money Magnet” for your business, whether in data or profit.

If  you put a lot of thought and dedication into crafting your on-page and off-page designs properly, you will attract a lot of high-conversion visitors automatically that has the potential to grow exponentially.

Check out our article on the Pros and Cons of different web design approaches!



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