9 Out of 10 Websites Fail Because Of Poor Web Design.

RainCraft CMS + Typhoon System Gives You A Powerful Site That Has High Conversion Rates And Eliminates Advertising Budget Guesswork Without You Having To Spend Thousands of $$$ Every Month
Whoever Heard of a Beautiful Website – With High Conversion to Boot.
A beautiful website is nothing without marketing. After all, beauty alone is not going to put food on your plate. What you’re looking for deep down, is not just beauty but the ability to make a profit from that beauty. In an age where every website has dedicated itself to the art of beauty, being able to intelligently and efficiently convert those readers into interested buyers is the only way to stand out. We know the secret and we want to let it out of the box.
Now You Can Have Beauty And Conversion Without Blowing Your Pocket
That secret is the Typhoon System, a marketing system that is designed to ensure that even within beauty, Raincraft 2-3there are laws and rules set in stone that allow your website to convert. Imagine your website built with the Typhoon Systemas a grocery store with a high conversion rate. If your store can have a 50% conversion rate and convert 1 in every 2 people into interested buyers, then no matter where your traffic comes from, you’ll enjoy an amazing time converting 50% of all those people into interested prospects. In essence, great web design comes from turning your main hub, in this case your website into a high conversion machine. From then onward, you can run any type of advertising or marketing and you’ll reap full rewards from it.
Profit That Lie Hidden In Your Website
We’ve not just build out own marketing system but also our own Content Management System and we’re calling it the RainCraft CMS. Any website built on our RainCraft CMS boasts exclusive website design, faster organic SEO, superb-ease-of-use, premium web hosting, reliable website maintenance and the flexibility to adapt and evolve over time. With the freedom and creativity that we have, we can make your site any way you want it, and once it’s integrated with our Typhoon System, you’ll have the website that you’ve always wanted, with the knowledge that it’s more than just eye candy, it’s a walking marketing machine.

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What Makes Us Unique

Enjoy Simplicity With The RainCraft Content Management System
  • Raincraft was designed for everyone, with ease-of-use levels so intuitive that our clients pick it up within a day.
  • Imagine having a website that you can build on just as easily as typing a document on Microsoft Word or painting a picture on MS Paint, Raincraft is both easy and flexible enough for you to have complete control of your website without any need for complex education.
  • No more worrying about backends, plugins or any complicated technical lingo you hear from other website design companies. All you need to worry about is handling all the sales and enquiries that come your way.
Increase Website Conversion With Our Built-in Typhoon System
  • Marketing is the key to a business and we have spent years understanding everything there is to learn about it. From that, we built the Typhoon System, a marketing system that's advanced beyond its years.
  • Tracking and taking into account everything from visitor's psychology, unconscious intuition and simple findability, the Typhoon System was built for high conversion rates, which is everything your marketing system should be.
  • With the Typhoon System's high adaptability and customisability, we can adapt it to fit your target audience and market with ease. Learn more about the revolutionary Typhoon System.
Enjoy Unlimited Adaptability with Aurora 360
  • Every website that we build are fully-adaptable with our Aurora 360 business system.
  • If your business needs a powerful system that handles the dirty work behind the scenes such as human resource management, multi-level marketing, accounting, etc, you never have to worry about building one from scratch.
  • Aurora 360 is our next-gen evolving business system which contains modules and systems that can be developed to fit your every business need. Learn more about Aurora 360. 
Increase Revenue By Capturing Your Customers On Any Platform
  • The bane of visitors and web users all over the globe is speed. If a website cannot load fast enough, it isn't worth the time reading.
  • That's why we incorporate this lesson into our development process, if speed is what they want, speed is what you'll need.
  • With the ever-growing mobile market, we've made it a point to make sure your website looks just as gorgeous on a small screen. Every page and post that we design is meticulously detailed, we do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to our clients. 
Stay One Step Ahead With Constant Maintenance & Site Evolution
  • Websites are just like houses and offices, they need constant maintenance and cleaning to ensure that it functions without a hitch.
  • Our team works around the clock to consistently provide support to all our clients. If you have a problem, we'll be the ones to solve it for you.
  • Moreover, technology moves incredibly fast and what was popular and effective years ago might not work anymore. That's why we always make small & constant changes to our client's websites to ensure that your website is always ahead of its time.
Avoid Mistakes And Pitfalls With Our Business Consultancy & Experience
  • Every member of our team owns a profit-making website of their own. Each website is built on and utilises both the Raincraft CMS and Typhoon Systems and all of them are constantly improving and successful in their own right. 
  • We know what it's like to start a business and succeed in the IT world today having gone through it ourselves. Likewise, we provide all our experience to our clients as we work on their website, essentially giving you years of experience and advice.
  • It took us years of blood, sweat and tears to succeed and we want to share all we know to help other people succeed.
We've dedicated ourselves to making sure you're able to get a step head of your competitors. If you're sick of getting subpar IT services at cut-throat prices, we're the right person you should see.