Market Like Steve Jobs

An Efficient & Effective Marketing System That Will Convert Your Website Visitors Into Paying & Returning Customers
The Secret to “Minimum Effort, Maximum Return”.
Throughout our 6 years of research, development and design, we sought to create for our client’s a marketing system that was able to achieve the mantra of every marketer around: “Minimum investment, Maximum return” With deep research into psychology, intuition, habits and years of trial and error, we have compiled all our research and experience into one solid piece and we call it, the Typhoon System.
Get Rid of Weak Marketing Once And For All.
The single biggest mistake that every single web design company is making is that they have zero focus on how to actually market the website. This causes their clients to end up with a beautiful online store that nobody can find. The Typhoon System is not a back-end, program or plugin. It is a mindset and a design. Typhoon System 2-3 Just like how layouts of supermarkets, malls and townships affect the lives of everyone living in it, the intricate design of a website affects every single reader that visits it. The Typhoon System’s mantra is to convert the highest percentage of those readers into paying customers.
Now You Can Work With The Experts All In One Place.
Granted, the Typhoon System would not have been possible if not for our in-house expert. That is why, our clients have the fortune of working with a web designer, developer and most importantly, a marketing systems expert on their site. It is a privilege that no other company can offer and we’re proud to make it available as easily as we can.

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Special Features of the Typhoon System

Cost Efficient, Effective and Sustainable
  • The Typhoon System is not complicated, nor is it meant to be. It's built around 2 simple concepts: High Conversion Rates & Retaining Customers.
  • Our goal is to optimise your website so that you have the highest possible chance to convince readers that you are the solution to their problems. Websites built with the Typhoon System focus on branding you not as a another product but what your customer is looking for. 
  • Retaining is simply the next part of the process. With an ever-growing customer acquisition cost, being able to retain and monetise existing customers is more cost-efficient, effective and sustainable.
Incorporates Successful Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales
  • When you visit a grocery store, do you ever wonder why essential goods are always placed at the back? It's part of a strategy called "Display Merchandising" and it's designed to ensure that you purchase tons of groceries in addition to the essential items. 
  • Ever wonder why some stores in a mall are more successful than the rest? It's because no matter where you are, there will always be "designated hotspots" that people are designed to hit. 
  • The Typhoon System system incorporates more than 78 of these strategies in its build, essentially giving you a harmony of the most successful marketing strategies in every industry.
Experience High ROI With Any Advertising Campaign
  • Once your website has been built according to the Typhoon System, it is guaranteed to have a high conversion rating.
  • From then onwards, every marketing strategy you use is a plug-and-play because no matter what method you use to attract visitors to your website, you can sleep soundly knowing you'll convert a very high percentage of them into paying and returning customers.
  • Even better, we're constantly working around the clock to ensure that your high conversion rating never drops. What's more amazing than marketing with a high return?
Increases Conversion By Maximising Engagement
  • The Typhoon System wasn't built on a whim, we spent years testing and researching online readers's habits and psych so that we could design the website to appeal to them. 
  • When a website is built to appeal and present itself as a solution, you'll see a spike in conversion rates and a massive dip in bounce rates. Essentially, you're turning viewers into buyers
  • Websites that don't do well are those that pay no heed to the importance of a good marketing system. Our client's get to enjoy both a great marketing system and eye-catching design. 
Cost System That Calculates Advertising ROI
  • Have you ever planned an advertising campaign and not be able to estimate the returns in the slightest? We've been through that and we know how much its hurts when the campaign blows.
  • That is why our Typhoon System is designed so that we can calculate the closest possible return for you whenever you run a marketing campaign. We designed it to solve problems and budgeting advertising is a big problem. 
  • Being able to predict and calculate your budget and returns long before you execute it is a strength that no one else can give you. It is also a very crucial element to have in your business.
The Typhoon System is the most advanced marketing system that we've designed to date. Other web designers charge you exorbitant prices for eye-candy , we give you the secret to "Minimum Effort, Maximum Return" at affordable prices.